MATS Project

MATS Concentrating Solar Power plant in SRTA-City (Egypt)

MATS experimental plant in Borg El Arab allows individual testing of innovative components and their connection on a relevant (pre-commercial) scale. Developed engineering packages, methodologies and tools will support the design of optimized plants specifically tailored to meet end-user’s needs and specifications.
The MATS demo plant includes 18 solar collectors, each 100 m long, with a total reflective panel area of 10,000 m2. During normal operation, molten salts enter the solar field at 290°C, collect the solar energy and are heated up to 550°C. In the event of a lack of solar radiation, the natural gas back-up unit heats the salts to 550°C. Molten salts are collected in a heat storage tank integrated with a steam generator. Produced steam (460°C, 55 bar) feeds a co-generative cycle to produce 1 MWe power with 250 m3/day of desalinated water from the desalination (MED) unit.
The plant is well integrated in the local energy and water cycles: it is connected with local gas and electrical utility grids; furthermore, the plant is also linked with local water cycle as raw water extracted from wells is purified and high quality water produced for different local market uses.



Casaccia Research Centre, UTRINN-STD,
via Anguillarese 301 I-00123


  • Egypt
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