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Visit to the Plant Site.Burg el-Arab, Egypt, October 2011
news1At beginning of the month October ENEA Team went for an inspection at the site of Borg el-Arab, where the MATS plant will be built. During the inspection, which was carried out together with Egyptian colleagues from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, the New & Renewable Energy Authority, Delft Industry and Orascom Construction Industries, were evaluated several topological aspects of the site, in relation to the construction of the various components of the system: the MATS system itself, areas related to services, the interactions with the ecosystem. The partners have carried out interesting findings and observations, thus contributing to the satisfactory results of the visit.
WEBSITE: 6 MONTHS OF ACTIVITY.Rome, Italy, February 2012
news1According to the dissemination strategy In the MATS project, ENEA staff has been engaged to design the project Portal and to produce the multimedia information into the first six months of the Project.
The communication system has been defined together to the e-learning platform environment. Therefore a dedicated project Portal has been organized and planned as a direct channel of communication either towards the partners and the user groups interested to the project results. Based on the Web technologies, it has been designed to support the dissemination activity via Internet and will be maintained throughout the duration of the project. It comprises a public domain dedicated to the dissemination of project results and a restrict area, protected with password, for members only dedicated to an efficient exchange of project documentation among the partners; this will include a protect area for cost management related issues, to facilitate management reports, under the point of view both technical and economical. An internal review system by the Project Coordinator has been established using the website.
Built within six month, the Portal, or better, the platform, integrates several systems to manage: information, communication, e-Learning environments and a document manager. In particular, the portal lay-out presents on the banner the following headings, corresponding to the specific functionality, they are:

- Project
This section includes an introduction to the project, its concepts and objectives, methodology and work plan, and the partner list. In this information section will be add the most relevant technological results.

- Communications
This system is a direct public channel of communication either towards the partners, supporting activities defined by the various WP, and the user groups interested to the project results. Through this section the partners could access to a restricted area and use a web-based videoconferencing system entering virtual meeting rooms. The meetings will be organized in a virtual space titled "MATS ROOM", in which issues of technical nature will be discussed. The “bigbluebotton” and Connect technologies used have been personalized in a “Blue Sky” version, which integrates several collaborative tools like whiteboards, webcam, tvcam, ipcameras and specialized software for remote control (web services, etc).

- Multimedia
This section contains the main public interest video documents of the MATS Project and represents a natural complement to the Communication and e-learning sections.

- e-Learning
The e-learning activity will be carried on in co-operation with the partners and using the ENEA MATRIX Platform. For this Platform and its multimedia contents, structured in courses and video-lecturers on different fields on renewable and sustainable economic development, ENEA has defined a new methodology to organize the courses and the in presence and remote training activity on the field, such as plants, laboratories, and so on. Another system that will be used to disseminate information and knowledge about MATS project is ENEA NetLesson 11, which manages a synchronous and an asynchronous lecturer, via web, towards remote classrooms. Both partners and external users concerned with the project could access to NetLesson 11. A mobile application, titled “Mobile QS” has been implemented to present the MATS project e-learning environment to the AACE – World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications (ED-MEDIA) 2012 , Jun 26, 2012 held in Denver, Colorado, US.

- MATS Documentation
This section contains the main public interest documents of the MATS Project. Contributions are expected by the different partners and also by several stakeholders. A Web Based Document Management System (WBDMS) has been designed to manage the project documentation. The system, described in a specific technical document (WBDMS for MATS project), was edited and integrated with a complementary “WBDMS - How to use”.

- Contacts
This section represents an important connecting means with people possibly interested to the project as a whole or to specific aspects and events. It includes all kind of addresses of interest for the Project. In this first approach has been compiled a partner list and, in a second time, a more complete list of stakeholders will be defined to organize MATS events and to extend the project participation to the end-users of other countries in the world.

- Newsletter
The MATS Newsletter, i.e. the present section, is devoted to the project partners, International experts, decision-makers and stakeholders concerned in solar thermal energy. It highlights the key project outcomes, events, news about the pilot projects and continuous updates on energy national regulations and EU directives. Comments and information of partners and co-operators are welcome in this section. The chrono-newsletter, after four months, will be send and published on the web section of the portal.

- News
Through this section the project partners, International experts, decision-makers and stakeholders interested in the Project are continuously updated on events, meetings, workshops and conferences related to the Project. Particular attention is devoted to the Coordinator activity, but partners are invited to signal significant events of their own interest.

The dissemination and technology transfer standard procedures, regarding technical documentation, events, news, newsletter, education plan, will be described in a specific document oriented to the different user classes: : EC, the partners, the stakeholders and the endorsements.
A MATS project logo has been also designed at the beginning of the project. All promotional material (website, papers, presentations, posters, etc.) will report both the FP7 logo and the MATS logo.
news1The developments of the ENEA technology of “Thermodynamic Solar” led to the proposal of an integrated system (Storage Tank/Steam Generator) conceptually new and capable, in perspective, of reducing costs and complexity of the management, conduction and maintenance of the solar plants. In order to realize this innovative integrated system, it was necessary to start an experimental activity to define the margins of uncertainty present in the conceptual idea, due to the lack of knowledge of some basic parameters for the correct dimensioning and design of the entire system.

news1Therefore, with the aim to increase the necessary know-how, it was realized by ENEA a small Test Section of about 30 kW of exchanged heat, dedicated uniquely to the determination and study of the behaviour, in real working conditions, of a very little Steam Generator, constituted of two helicoidal tubes as heat exchange section (see photos).

news1It was inserted and tested in the molten salts stored in the accumulation tank of the PCS experimental Facility in the Casaccia Research Centre of ENEA, in Rome (Italy), and the experimental tests carried out with this small Test Section has been propedeutic and very useful to the design of a bigger (300 kW) Test Section, whose project was carried out by ANSALDO Nucleare (Italy), that represents in small scale the true Steam Generator of the innovative integrated system.

VERONA SOLAREXPO’ Verona, Italy, May 2012
news1In the area “Fiera di Verona” a very important Meeting took place: SOLAREXPO “Energia Solare Termodinamica: come superare con successo le barriere allo sviluppo” (Thermodynamic Solar Energy: how to successfully overcome barriers to the development) where either technological and political-economical problems connected to Thermodinamic Solar Energy have been discussed in depth. Researchers, technologists, politicians and economists have analyzed matters concerning the solar energy under their respective areas of competence.
Participants to the MATS Project have followed the Meeting, taking part to several moments of the discussion.

Moreover a very important event for one of the Project Partners, and for the Project itself, took place always in Verona the May 10, 2012: after the expiry of the term of Cesare Fera, the now former President of ANEST, who led the Association from its inception to the present, the Shareholders' Meeting elects Gianluigi Angelantoni as ANEST new President. In his first speech the new President has put in light the important moment that Solar Technologies are living with the positive results already achieved in other parts of the world such as Spain and the U.S., in terms of economic development, impact on employment and technological progress. The particular attention to key regions of the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East expressed by ANEST is undoubtedly consistent with the MATS Project and with the participation of this partner to the Project itself.