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CPS Today SummitSevilla, Spain 12-13th November 2012
news1 Under the leading of the President Dr. Luis Crespo, the most important companies and CPS experts met in Sevilla by the Hotel Barceló Renacimiento to share their experiences and knowledge. In that context Fabrizio Fabrizi presented MATS Project, with particular attention to the technological and economic opportunities that derive from the prototypal plant previewed.
As part of the event, there was the opportunity to visit two CSP plants: Palma del Río II (12th November) and Gemasolar (15th November). The Summit focused on the ‘Internationalisation of CSP’ to seize and secure new opportunities, and to offer insight information about the potential of CSP in several regions.
In this way it is possible to understand where international focus of investment for CSP should be in the future; to explain and ensure framework in which prospects for structure and development area analysed.

4th ESTELA MEETINGNicosia, Cyprus, 13th December 2012
news1 In the elegant background of the Hilton Hotel, in Nicosia, Cyprus, following the success of the third STE Industry Forum (Cologne, February 2012) and Summer Workshop (Brussels, June 2012), ESTELA’s 4th STE Industry Forum took place, organised under the patronage of the 2012 Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU and the Cyprus Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism. Under the organisational point of view, important has been also the cooperation with the Cyprus Institute and its EWACC conference.
The event has been held smoothly on the 13th December 2012. Many expert speakers have taken place on the stage with their useful and interesting presentation and providing a unique, open platform within which to discuss the key issues currently facing the industry. During this meeting ENEA (Eng. Fabrizio Fabrizi) took part; therefore special occasion to expose the MATS CSP Technology, a unique, open platform was provided, within which the key issues currently facing the industry were discussed.
ENEA and ICT for MATS and CESTA PROJECTS.Palermo, Italy, November 2012
ENEA introduced innovative ICT, during the Workshop “MATS Project - Collaborative Work Tools and Systems”, which have been applied to the experimental environment to put in connection ENEA Casaccia Research Centre (Italy) with remote Egyptian site. In particular, the Communication Manager titled “COMM”, based on a Big Blue Botton personalised environment (Blue Botton SKY, Connect, etc.) has the following goals: to improve the communication between partners and external users both in synchronous and asynchronous ways with collaborative interaction towards client – server devices in alternative to the traditional systems like the web mail server, videoconference and single user connection. COMM presents the following functionality: user audio-video communication management (with a high level usability), remote desktop control, multimedia visualization, whiteboards real-time management, technical documentation integrated service. This typology of systems can be also used to work together, in the same time, in different places and real-time training and education programs. During the Workshop, that was held in Palermo, a demonstrative test has be done between the Palermo site and Casaccia Research Centre. This kind of system requires a standard performances internet network and a client workstation only with web camera and microphone. In Casaccia will be tested too in next year an advanced virtual Classroom to manage by means of an internet connection scientific and technical courses towards remote classrooms.