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The MATS project will be organized and planned through the use of a direct channel of communication either towards the partners, supporting activities defined by the various WP, and the user groups interested to the project results.

Through Communication section the partners could access to a restricted area to use a web-based videoconferencing system entering virtual meeting rooms. The meetings will be organized in a virtual space titled "MATS ROOM", in which issues of technical nature will be discussed.

The video communication system will have different profiles of participants, such as: the moderator - who can manage the meetings, the users participation and the functionality of listening and talking -, the speaker - with the same features, but without the permission of the meeting management - , the participant, the listener user. Additional rooms could be created at the disposal of the project coordinator and partners for restricted meetings or open events involving external users. The MATS Portal will also use other communication tools related to the more relevant events of the project.

In particular, the Communication section will inform significant steps in correspondence with the Work-packages and tasks; technical interviews and brochures on specific aspects of particular relevance for the realization of the project will be provided. Both partners and interested users will find this information also on the Documentation section, which will be added as it will be produced by researchers participating in the project.

Another project specification is to spread the most purely scientific results arising from the activity. This type of issue requires a specific operating mode of dissemination, culminating in conference, where posters and verbal reports will be presented. Information of these facts will be given on Communication section according to the typical way of an Internet information channel. Obviously, the documents related to each conference will be available in the repository, public and restricted, of the documentation. The Communication section will be integrated also with the data reported by the News and Newsletter. This channel disseminates other important information about industry events and workshops.

The information channel Communication is a valid opportunity to create a proper exploitation activity on the MATS project results. The MATS approach of communication is user oriented to improve the knowledge transfer to the international community in relationship to the various Work-packages. Finally, multimedia result information, achieved during the project, in relation to technology, the new components, researchers and technologists of various countries, will be managed, with a standard methodology, in the respect of the EC guidelines.


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