13th SOLAREXPO - Verona, Italy 9 - 11 May 2012

Solarexpo is one of the most important meeting about the future applications of new energy ideas. During the event the main discussion was the "General state of renewable energies and energetic efficiency in Italy".


Workshop "The best brains do not flee: they are in the town" Rome, Italy 6-8th June 2012

This Workshop showed how an Italian idea will contribute to the development of a new renewable energy chain through the building of a plant in Egypt. Particular attention has been devoted to the job opportunities that the project MATS offers. Moreover, thanks to the presence of the engineer Anna Moreno, either the News site and the e-learning platform of the Energies School have been presented as a reference to the formative themes in the innovation field.


ESTELA Summer Workshop 2012 Brussels, Belgium 26 June 2012

ESTELA Summer Workshop is an occasion to discuss about the development in Solar Thermal Electricity sector, according to the EU Policy and climate change. The main points of discussion were: the Multiannual Financial Framework and the proposals of legal acts for 2014-2020, new Infrastructure Regulation and the Connecting Europe Facility to further progress in the building of a pan-European grid and in the development of the internal market of electricity, the results of the Danish EU Presidency in the Energy Field and the main priorities of the Cyprus EU Presidency on Energy.


18th ESTELA SolarPACES, Marrakesh, Morocco 11-14 Septemeber 2012

The SolarPACES 2012 did take place from September 11 - 14, 2012 in Marrakech, Morocco. It is the 18th symposium in the solar power chemical energy systems item turned to industry, research, politics and financing stakeholders by a scientific conference programme with leading world experts. The Conference offered in depth the following three points: new developments in technology, politics, the market and financing presented by top experts in the field; a scientific conference programme with particular emphasis on recent research results; a forum for industry, research, politics and financing stakeholders to discuss the future of concentrating solar energy.


Convegno ANEST, Palazzo Branciforte di Palermo, Italy, 18/19 September 2012

In collaboration with Forum "Regionale per l'Energia Distribuita" ANEST has promoted this two days meeting: the first dedicated to distributed energy and its utilization by citizens, Local Administration and Industry for a Sicilian energetic system; the second one was on the Sicily as isle of the Thermodynamic Solar Power oriented to the "Carta del Sole" as an Energy Agreement between Territory and Industry.


6th CSP Today , Seville, Spain 13/14 November 2012

The 6th CSP Today Sevilla 2012 has offered the ultimate learnig & industry networking experience where you can find the answers to your most pressing CSP challenges and gain invaluable knowledge. CSP Today is an opportunity in advantage of industry trends, tech advancements from several labs, internationalizing for success and diversifying to expand CSP's reach.


4th ESTELA Solar Thermal Electricity Industry Forum, Nicosia, Cyprus 12 December 2012

After the success of the third STE Industry Forum and Summer Workshop in Brussels, ESTELA has organized the 4th Solar Thermal Electricity Industry Forum in Cyprus, providing a unique, open platform where it was possible to discuss the key issues currently facing the Industry.



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